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What is the most dangerous threat to the appearance and integrity of the asphalt on your driveway? Many people assume that constant wear and tear from heavy automobiles is the primary cause, which is why the truth is so surprising. The most likely reason your asphalt is cracking is actually due to poor drainage. Water, whether from rain, melted snow, or even the accumulation of water left from the lawn sprinklers, may not seem very threatening. However, as it continually migrates beneath your pavement it diminishes the pavement structures load bearing ability, water you cannot see quickly causes major erosion.

In order to protect the asphalt on your property from losing its curb appeal and sturdy reliability, our experienced crew at Black Diamond Asphalt & Earth can provide powerful options for improving water drainage. With our drainage services in Litchfield County, you can ensure that your blacktop stays sturdy and strong.

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How Water Damages Your Property

Here in Connecticut, residents know that the weather can sometimes be temperamental, and we definitely get our share of rain, sleet, and snow that melts. Once the driveways start to crack, the rain and snow melt penetrate thru the cracks and when it refreezes, this is how a pot hole starts.

As this water sits, it rapidly causes your asphalt to deteriorate before its actual expiration date. Not only does the water damage the asphalt, it can often pool into your garage, or even seep into your home. It is important to improve the drainage of your driveway before the weather turns for the worse and you have a flood on your hands, and an insurance nightmare. In addition to our drainage services, make sure you take a look at our expert asphalt paving as well as our recycled asphalt services!

Improved Options for Driveway Drainage

When it comes to creating maximum drainage for both residential and commercial driveways and parking lots, our team has several methods we can use to improve your property and keep your pavement secure.

Some of these solutions include creating:

  • Drainage pipes – An excellent option for extended driveways, it can deposit extra moisture away from the pavement.
  • Driveway drains – If there is no option for natural grading that does not collect water, a narrow trench drain which lines the driveway’s width can get rid of accumulated water.
  • Landscaping swales – This tract of moist land gathers storm water, especially if there are hills on the side of your driveway depositing too much rain

Flexible Options for Any Project

Here at Black Diamond Asphalt & Earth, we know that everyone’s situation is unique. Depending on where your property is located, you might require a different drainage solution. If your current property is not suited to typical drainage improvement options, we can create a custom-made alternative.

Our experts have designed catch basins, drainage inlets, and gutter receptors which are particularly helpful for parking lots. We have even crafted pipes that can pour into natural or manmade reservoirs and ponds. Trust us to find the perfect option for your individual situation with our superior drainage services. Make sure to take a look at our testimonials!

Call us today at (203) 433-6326 or contact us online to discover all the ways that your property can benefit from secure drainage.

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